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Well, you know, that's just like, your opinion, man.

- The Dude 

Oh heyyyyy I'm Karen! I am a mom of two hilarious and wild little boys, dog-mom two of the sweetest yellow labs, and wife to a pretty amazing man (coming up on twelve years married!) I am nationally published wedding photographer

and I have been serving Maryland, Pennsylvania & DC for seven years.

I overuse emojis, exclamation marks and curse words, and get way too enthusiastic over dogs, Marvel movies, my kids' lego creations and good Mexican food. I speak fluently in tv and movie quotes (apologies in advance but I promise I will laugh if you ask me “what do I do with my hands???”), and I prefer a shot of fireball over expensive bottle of wine (I’m classy, always). I will spend the extra money I saved on that wine on audiobooks and parking garage fees, because I’m over 30 but still can’t parallel park lol. I will always choose to rewatch The Office or Game of Thrones for the thirtieth time instead of finding new shows to watch lol.I have a huge crush on Jeff Goldblum and Starlord. Llamas are my favorite because we both have that weird and awkward but lovable vibe.

2020 big star peach.png

a few fast faves

My Husband Josh

My Boys, Wyatt & Avett

Our Dog, Maeby

Jeff Goldblum, always

My 85 mm lens

Road trips & Mountains

Everything 90's

Pearl Jam & Queen

Cheap Beer

Anywhere with Palm Trees

All Black Everything


Velvet & Denim

The Avett Brothers

Netflix & HBO


Llamas & Labradors



All Things Michael Scott

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my favorite people both real & fictional

Fave TV families:

The Bluths,

The Bravermans,

The Gallaghers

& The Starks

My gram & Granddad

because they were happily married for 70 years 

what i'm about

I am a fiercely honest, genuine and loyal friend and that is the one thing (other than how much you love your photos) that I want you to take away from working with me. I want everyone I photograph to feel comfortable, look good and have FUN!  Most importantly, I want you to know I care about *you*. I get that you are trusting me to be a curator of memories for you to share with your future grandkids and I don’t take that responsibility or privilege lightly. 

on your wedding day...

...other than taking ALL the amazing photos, here’s what you can expect from me on your wedding day: I will joke with your friends and help you find your shoes. I will cry during the mother-son dance and clean up broken glass off the dance floor when things get wild. I will take a 3 minute dance break if my favorite song comes on. I will make sure you don’t have flyaways, and I will bring a dozen clear umbrellas in case of rain. All day long I will make you feel like a freaking rockstar, and you will know without a doubt that I care about your wedding as much as you do.  

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