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relaxed & authentic

wedding photography

for fun couples 

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 A Thoughtful, Thorough & Fun

wedding experience

look good, have fun & be present on your day. 

Your wedding day is going to be full of laughter, happy tears, grandma hugs, crazy dance moves and great food. I know you want a wedding day where you get ALL the amazing photos, but still have plenty of time to party, eat the hors d'oeuvres, and pop those bottles. You need to be sure you have a photographer that you trust to artfully and thoughtfully curate your wedding memories, so that you can stay in the moment and focus on all that joy. That's where I come in. I will be there to make you feel relaxed and forget the camera. I will be there to catch fleeting moments you might have missed.  I will blend into the crowd when I need to, but also guide you and tell you what to do with your hands and keep big groups engaged and organized. I will be there- from the moment you book until the moment you receive your gallery- providing a easy, fun experience, so you can focus on looking and feeling amazing on your day. 

I care about what you care about.

On your wedding day (and before it and after it!) I care about what you care about. Part of my process is taking the time to understand your values and your vibe, so I can honor who you are as a couple and how you want to remember your day.These are the photos you are going to show your grandkids and it means so much to be trusted with documenting a part of your heritage. I don't take the responsibility or the privilege lightly.

Let's take photos that look and feel like the best version of you.

My ultimate goal is to showcase you, your love, your family, your friends. I take photos that are natural and authentic, but also flattering. You don't get fancy everyday, so I work to use allllll the best light and angles to showcase just how awesome you looked, how much fun the party was, and how adorable the grandmas and flower girls were. 

This will be Easy & Fun,

I promise.

I will be there for you throughout this process to make it stress free: to bounce ideas off of, to ask for recommendations, and to help you with your timeline; I will give you a thorough, personalized, easy, seamless experience from the moment you book until the moment you receive your gallery. But equally important, I will feel like a friend. You know, that weird friend who likes memes way too much, half of her vocabulary is movie quotes, and she only drinks fireball and cheap beer. The one who has a crush on Jeff Goldblum and loves llamas. Yep, that's me lol.  I may take my work and your memories seriously but I never take myself too seriously and I will fill this experience with laughter. We are going to have fun.   

 that's what she said... 

"I cannot express how amazing Karen is at what she does. We felt like friends & our photos were more perfect than we could have anticipated. She is everything you will ever want from a wedding photographer!" -Reba 

 "I contacted Karen before I even knew our wedding venue 

because I knew from the beginning that I wanted Karen as our photographer! The pictures on her blog were breathtaking, 

and I wanted our wedding pictures to have the same emotional effect."

- Kaitlin 

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