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It is August 1st, friends. Which means I can probably start talking about Halloween without being judged right? So in honor of spooky season being upon us (soon!) I wanted to share this amazing engagement session from last year with Sarah and Ricky. When Sarah said they wanted a place that was a little edgy and creepy, I knew just the place, and I was so excited to finally explore a spot in Lancaster PA that I have been wanting to check out for a while. What I love about The White Cliffs of Conoy is that it is a literal blank slate- it can be romantic, it can be moody, it can be edgy, it can really take on the vibe of the shoot. Add to this all black everything, smoke bombs, and the fact that they literally brought their own photo-bombing zombie (a friend dressed up with Zombie makeup, 10/10 would recommend btw) -- you have a recipe for the perfect Halloween shoot that was the most amazing prequel to their Hallowedding!

YES you read that right....scroll down to see a literal zombie photobombing them haha! Oh but PS- just a reminder, if you plan to bring your own zombie to the shoot, just remember you also have to hike back with your zombie-friend next to you in the dark loll.

Ohhh and keep scrolling to find out the crazy way I basically was a stalker to Sarah on instagram, but she somehow booked me anyway haha (and to see the Jeff Goldblum reaction GIF of course lol!)

So. Here is how I found Sarah!! Basically, I saw her on the explore page, (or maybe because of a mutual friend?) anyway, the first thing I saw was that she had the most amazing engagement ring with turquoise which is my all time fave. I commented how awesome it was. Then I saw her post about wanting the most amazing Sweet Caroline Styles black wedding dress. I was like "wait, these are my people!!" I loveeee Halloween, everything black, etc etc. So, I pretended I was on some weird wedding photographer tinder and DMed her asking if they had a photographer lolll. She didn't! And somehow wasn't creeped out by my fan-girling of her style and booked me! The rest is history!!

Ok, so for those of you who are new here on the blog, I am obsessed with Jeff Goldblum so I have a GIF reaction to every session. So here it is....this is a GIF about how I somehow charmed my way into shooting this badass couple :D

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