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wedding photography

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Hey I'm Karen!  I love my husband & two little boys, my yellow lab, memes, GIFs, and Jeff Goldblum. Llamas are definitely my spirit animal: awkward and kinda weird but lovable. I fell into this career unexpectedly a little over six years ago and never looked back. I believe in bringing to life authentic moments that will induce 

nostalgia 30 years from now. I am committed to giving my absolute best, and for me 

the nerdy magic formula is creativity, flexibility, dedication, enthusiasm, continued education, organization and technical proficiency. 

Finding a photographer is like dating: It's important to find someone who matches your vibe, your  visual aesthetic, but most importantly, your values. Are we a good fit? Let's be sure. This is one of the most important events of your life and you are not only trusting me to document memories you can't get back, but also to be one of the select few people you give the honor of being present during these moments. It means so 

much to be trusted with some of your most personal and important memories, and I don't take the responsibility or the privilege lightly. I take a limited number of weddings, and I focus on working with fun, unique couples in love, who value memorializing moments artistically, and aren't afraid to get a little dirty, be a little crazy, or go on an adventure. Is this you? If so, let's do this thing! 

 that's what she said... 

"I cannot express how amazing Karen is at what she does. We felt like friends & our photos were more perfect than we could have anticipated. She is everything you will ever want from a wedding photographer!" -Reba 

 "I contacted Karen before I even knew our wedding venue 

because I knew from the beginning that I wanted Karen as our photographer! The pictures on her blog were breathtaking, 

and I wanted our wedding pictures to have the same emotional effect."

- Kaitlin 

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